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What exactly are santa barbara general contractors?

The general contractor (GC) is someone who is fully responsible for a project’s daily management.  In essence, the quarterback of the football team. They hold various responsibilities including, but not limited to, coordinating with suppliers, directing different tradespeople and professionals including plumbers, electricians, architects and engineers, ,scheduling, budget management, and communicating with the client directly. Any project that exceeds $500 must use a general contractor who is licensed. This specific requirement is in place in order to maximize the personal safety of homeowners and the security of their investment. Which is why Ashton & Hope is one of the fastest growing santa barbara general contractors.  

Here at Ashton & Hope Construction, the successful completion of a project is determined by the ability to merge the client’s vision with getting a proposal approved by the city. Ashton & Hope guarantees that each and every one of the licensed and insured subcontractors that are used will follow proper practices and that they will adhere to the specifications that the code requires. The company is fully dedicated to managing the project and completing it on time within the predetermined budget requirements. Likewise, a commitment to the attention to detail will be taken to ensure the end result is that of the highest quality and most superior craftsmanship of general contracting. 

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The founder of Ashton & Hope, Kyle Ashton, has been working in the industry for 16  years. He started out as a young laborer digging ditches to someone who specialized in finish carpentry. From there, he worked his way to becoming a job superintendent and project manager, and through hard work and dedication, he managed to learn all of the management skills needed to build a company focused on project management and client-side relations. He made it a personal goal to create and form long-lasting relationships with experienced professionals in the trade that he would be able to rely on. This has afforded him the ability to create a long list of satisfied clients and a portfolio full of superior craftsmanship.

You don’t want to choose just any Santa Barbara General Contractors. Licensing isn’t the only thing to consider. Ashton & Hope has been able to earn a stellar reputation through hard work and has become a highly sought after contractor because of their ability to deliver on their promises. Each and every project is given complete focus and the communication with the client is prioritized to ensure there is full transparency throughout the entire process. Ashton & Hope not only looks to complete the project on-time but to exceed any and all expectations of the client with their general contracting needs. 

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