Approval Process Through The Santa Barbara Building Department:

First stop, The Santa Barbara Building Department. There are legal requirements that need to be considered well in advance. Ashton & Hope has been working in the city for years and has gone through hundreds of projects with tremendous success.

If the goal is to go through a detailed approval process, it's essential to understand what it entails. Here is a look at what the project requires before it can be started.

Certified Specialists

The first detail is going to involve having a comprehensive consultation with a lead representative from Ashton & Hope. This is going to make it possible to go through the various details involved in a building project to make sure it works out as planned.

Each client is going to have a unique set of requirements when it comes to these projects and it is those requirements that need to be accounted for.

Until the vision comes to life on paper, the designs cannot be sent in for approval. As a result, the first thing the team here is going to do is make sure the design work is flawless. This will include going back and forth with the client until they are satisfied.

Legally Compliant

The Santa Barbara building department is the one that is responsible for pushing through approvals for any type of project in the region involving construction work.

Until their approval comes through, the project is not going to be deemed legally compliant. The best part about going with a trusted service provider such as this one is knowing the approval process will be handled quickly.

This is essential when it comes to keeping the timeline trending in the right direction and getting things done as quickly as possible.

Quick Approvals

Speed is going to be on your mind when it comes to getting the project on the road. As a result, this is the best place to start as the company understands what is required by the Santa Barbara building department and how to remain legally compliant.  

If the goal is to get a quick approval then this is the company to rely on.

Dealing with the Santa Barbara building department can be complicated but only when you don’t have a competent team by your side. Call Ashton & Hope as soon as possible and watch as the project goes ahead as planned and no corners are cut to make it happen.

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