How To Complete Bathroom Renovations:

Bathroom renovation: it comes with a multitude of steps and it's important to know about each of them in detail. Property owners will often have a vision in mind for this part of the house, but it needs to be done properly to enjoy the results.

☞ Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what the bathroom renovation is going to entail.


1) Colors/Themes

The first step is going to involve laying down the foundation for what’s going to happen. This includes getting an idea of the colors, themes, and anything else that will define the bathroom. Each property owner will have their requirements in mind and those need to be written down in advance.

2) Fixtures

Figuring out what type of fixtures will be set up inside the bathroom matters. This includes taking the time to locate those fixtures and purchase them. Some may want to tweak existing fixtures while others are going to want to replace all of them. 

3) Storage Spaces

What about potential storage spaces around the bathroom? These are going to be accounted for during the preparation phase. Contractors will often take the time to figure out where these storage spaces will go and how they’re going to add value to the bathroom.

4) Removal of Older Elements

With the plan in place, it’s time to start removing older elements such as the tub, sink, vanity, and anything else that was already there. If it is going to be a complete replacement, everything is going to be stripped before beginning.

5) Shower Basin/Tub

The older tub is going to be removed and the new one is going to be set up in its place. This will include sealing it and making sure it doesn’t leak when the water is turned on.

6) New Fixtures

All of the new fixtures (i.e. sink) will also be hooked up and added to the bathroom. This is going to include measuring everything and ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing.

7) Tiles/Flooring

In some cases, new tiles will have to be laid and this is going to require sealing too. The tiles are going to be cut from one end to the other creating a balanced design that adds to the renovation. 

8) Drywall/New Paint

The walls are an essential component of the renovation. This step is going to involve either stripping the drywall and adding new materials in its place and/or repainting the walls. The color/theme will follow what was written during the preparation phase.

9) Cabinets/Vanity  

The cabinets matter a lot and have to be handled properly based on storage requirements. These will be installed into place to open up space and make sure everything is functioning as planned. 

10) Plumbing

The final step involves hooking up the plumbing and making sure everything is functioning properly (i.e. sink, tub, and toilet). This is a critical step and will often involve adding the finishing touches to the renovation before approval.

Bathroom renovations will always start with these steps and it is recommended to speak to a trusted contractor as soon as possible. A professional with years of experience will have done this in the past and is going to shed light on what should happen next.

To visually represent a bathroom renovation done by Ashton & Hope in Santa Barbara, CA
To visually represent a bathroom renovation done by Ashton & Hope in Santa Barbara, CA

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